District Rules And Regulations

Emerald Lake Beaches and Parks are Private and for the use of District Residents Only
ELVD Beaches and Parks are currently operating on Summer hours, Sunrise to Sunset. The Gate at Eastman Park and barricades at Emerald Beach are shut at Sunset each evening. All beaches are closed at sunset and all after hours activity should be reported to the Hillsborough Police.

Dogs at ELVD Beaches
ELVD Beach Rules and Regulations were updated to restrict dogs access (not permitted) to the following beaches; Eastman Beach, Emerald Beach, Hummingbird Beach. Owners are permitted to take their Dogs to the Meeting House Beach (Gould Pond Rd.) and to Burnham Park (Red Fox Crossing) for swimming /exercise. At all times and all locations, dogs must be in full control of a responsible person who shall ensure that any litter or waste caused by the dog is cleaned up immediately.

Emerald Lake Village District Rules And Regulations Governing District Roads

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A Shoreland Homeowner's Guide To Stormwater Management

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Rules For Trimming Brush and Trees on Emerald Lake and near Wetlands in Emerald Lake

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Town of Hillsborough OHRV Usage Public Notice

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Finances Policy - Adopted April 4, 2018

Procurement Policy - Adopted April 4, 2018

Meetings Policy and Rules - Adopted December 18, 2014

Right to Know Policy and Procedures - Adopted March 24, 2016

Driveway Permit Rules & Regulations - Adopted March 24, 2016

Beaches & Lake Rules and Regulations - Revised August, 2018

Water Rules, Regulations, Fees & Fines

Water Service Rules, Regulations, Fees & Fines

Water Hook-Up Application

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