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Posted 2/20/24

Deadline For Filing Of Petitioned Warrant Articles

Posted 2/20/24

Annual Filing For Elected Officials

Posted 2/20/24


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Posted 2/13/24


Dear Residents

This is an important reminder that we are still in an outdoor water ban. This means NO outdoor water use:

  • No watering with sprinklers of any type, No watering with hose nozzles of any type, No watering of lawns in any way, No watering of ornamental flowers or shrubbery, No washing of vehicles of any type, No pressure washing of any type, No filling of water cans or buckets larger than three (3) gallon capacity.
  • Exceptions include: Fruits, vegetables, and herbs may be watered using a hand-held watering can or bucket, Washing/bathing of domesticated household animals is permitted and Livestock, fowl, farm animals, etc. may be watered using buckets only.

    A $250 fine + any other expenses will occur for first offense.

    Money spent on trucking in water:

    2023: More than $72,000
    2022: More than $115,000
    2021: More than $47,000
    2020: More than $152,000

    We must be able to meet the high demand of water use (such as 4th of July weekend) all year long before the state will clear us of our Source Water Capacity violation (in place since 2019). We are not trucking in water so select residents can sneak outdoor water use, but so that we can all live day to day life. Until such time our wells are able to sustain enough water for all residents, all year long, we will remain in an outdoor water ban.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
    Board of Commissioners


    Posted 2/7/24

    ELVD Bid Solicitation Road Maintenance

    Posted 2/7/24

    ELVD Bid Solicitation Beaches and Parks Maintenance

    ELVD Sand Pile

    Posted 1/10/24

    Hello Residents,

    Please do not take gravel/sand from the sand pit for personal use. This year's material piles are for contractor use only.

    Our Dump/transfer station (at 44 Municipal Drive) has a sand pile for all Hillsborough residents to take from and use.

    Thank you,

    ELVD Board of Commissioners

    Posted 11/29/23

    ELVD Winter Parking Rules

    No Cost For Seasonal Turn-Off

    Posted 9/23/23

    Hello Residents,

    The district does not charge for a seasonal shut-off or turn-on (off for winter/on in the spring) when scheduled between October 1st and May 15th.

    Please reach out to have this scheduled:
    Calling Aquamen Solutions at (603) 942-6138
    Calling ELVD Office and leaving a message at (603) 464-3128

    Email Commissioners the

    This is important, as pipes bursting during winter months in unoccupied homes has depleted water supply in our water tank during multiple winters over past years. This brings a variety of high costs such as the labor to locate the leak, trucking in water to replenish our tank, etc., that could have been avoided with a no-cost seasonal shut off.

    Please review section 4.8 is our Water Service Rules and Regulations for more on this and homeowner (customer) responsibility (located HERE)

    Thank you to those residents who have already scheduled their seasonal turn off and properly winterize your home for the season.

    Thank you,

    ELVD Board of Commissioners

    You Can Help Us Find Water Leaks

    Posted 9/1/23

    Hello Residents,

    As I’m sure many are aware that we have been trucking in water this summer to fill our water tank. While we generally see more water usage in summer months than winter months, we suspect there may be a leak or leaks across the system at this time. This could include a main line, a homeowners line or a leak inside your home. With lots of ground to cover, I am asking for residents to help by checking their own home and surrounding area for any and all leaks! We all benefit with the more of us that are vigilant in finding leaks, repairing leaky faucets, running toilets, etc.

    Finding a Leak on a service line/main:

  • Typically a water leak is easy to spot when the weather is dry, as a puddle or stream will stand out when there is no other water present nearby.
  • A puddle caused by a leak will typically have a point where it has reached the surface and will appear to be “bubbling”.
  • If you suspect a leak please report it!

    Email the commissioners at or reach us by phone. Phone numbers can be found on our "ELVD Officials" page by clicking HERE. Or call Aquaman at (603) 942-6138.

    Info on where to check inside your home from New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (from Fact Sheet WD-DWGB-26-23):

  • Check your faucets to see if they drip or if water comes out of places it should not. Old and worn faucet washers and gaskets frequently cause leaks in faucets.
  • Inspect other household pipes, fittings, and valves for leaks. If you find leaks, don’t ignore them – make the repair or call a plumber if you don’t know how.
  • Check the shower for leaks near the showerhead and at the tub spout when the shower is on and off. Leaks where the pipe stem meets the showerhead can normally be fixed by unscrewing the showerhead and screwing the showerhead back on tightly. Leaks from the tub spout will probably require replacement of the spout.
  • Leaky toilets waste a lot of water and cost a lot in bills. Unfortunately, many toilet leaks go undetected, because they can’t be heard. The good news is that it is easy to check for a leak by dropping food coloring (12 drops) or a leak detector dye tablet in the toilet tank. Do not flush for 15 or 20 minutes. If the tank leaks, the dye will show up in the bowl. Old and worn toilet flappers are often the culprit and are very easy to replace.
  • For any residents willing to help, Thank you!

    Sincerely, Board of Commissioners