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Water Use Fee Rate

Posted 7/12/22

The ELVD water user rate fee is currently a fixed rate for all properties that have an identified curb stop. Its established value is adjustable each calendar year just like the general tax rate. It is established to cover the ELVD water system operating budget as approved at Annual meeting. The district’s Board of Commissioners reviews the rules periodically to make every effort to keep the information updated and as accurate as possible.

The current calendar year (2022) water user rate fee is set at $1,141.00 per hook up. The Town of Hillsboro Tax Collector collects revenues like this for ELVD and then pays those monies out to the District.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the ELVD Board of Commissioners through the following email address:info@elvdnh.com

Thank you, Board of Commissioners

Water Rules, Regulations, Fees & Fines

Water Service Rules, Regulations, Fees & Fines

New Service Hook-Ups

FEE: $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Dollars)

Water Hook-Up Permit Application


FEE: $50

CONTACT: Aquamen Water Solutions at (603) 942-6138 TO SCHEDULE.

NOTE: All property owners and residents are individually responsible for preventing frozen pipe breaks and leaks with loss of treated water for their property, and for all resulting damage plus a $1,000 fine from failing to do so. See Water Services Rules and Regulations Section 4.5.

PLEASE NOTIFY an ELVD COMMISSIONER once you have set up a time with Aquamen Water Solutions, so that the district may record the information.


BASE CHARGE: The Base charge is billed twice annually to cover the year's budgeted expenses for Emerald Lake Village District water users. This amount varies based on the approved budget by residents at each Annual Meeting. Both the taxes and water bill for ELVD residents are collected through the town of Hillsborough Tax collector.

This rate is subject to change. A user rate will be surcharged when individual house metering is implemented.

NOTE: All property owners and residents are liable to pay water charges whether their property is occupied or not. See Water Services Rules and Regulations Section 8.2.

Dormant Curb Stop Regs & Application

Dormant Curb Stop Regs & Application

Cross-Connection Policy

Cross-Connection Policy

Aquamen Water Solutions

ELVD Water System Operators

Use for comments, questions, and to report water leaks.

(603) 942-6138

ELVD Drinking Water Analysis Reports

Posted 1/31/22

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Water Quality Reports

Water Contaminate Violations

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