Brett Taber - Commissioner/Chairman Of The Board
(Apointed as of May 2019)
Telephone: 603-464-3369
Send e-Mail to Brett

Sara Auger - Commissioner
(Appointed as of July 2019)
Telephone: 603-845-6524
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Debbie Kardaseski - Administrator
(Appointed July of 2019)
Telephone: 603-464-3128
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Shawna Kilcoyne - Treasurer
(Appointed as of July 2019)
Telephone: 603 738 3103
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Rick Rose - Clerk
(Appointed as of May 2019)

Kate Boyd-Martone - Moderator
(Voted in for 1 year term as of April 2019)

Residents Contacting The ELVD

If any resident has questions, concerns, or ideas related to the District, Please contact the Commissioners using any of the following methods:

  • Attend the Public meetings
  • Email them via:
  • Call the office number and leave a message: 603-464-3128
  • Call a commissioner via contact information listed here on the Officials webpage
  • All approaches will receive responses from the Commissioners.

    It is solely the responsibility of the Commissioners and their staff to address matters related to the District as well as its residents. It is their responsibility to voice their concerns in the accepted methods of communication.

    No future efforts/concerns will be addressed unless received through these communication methods. Facebook comments/concerns or through friends/family members will not be responded to.

    Thank you,
    Brett Taber
    ELVD Board of Commisisoner Chairman