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The Dredge is Complete!
The Commissioners would like to thank every resident for their patience during this year's inlet dredge and lake drawdown. We are happy to announce that the work is done and we've begun to raise the lake back to summer levels. The amount of rain we see in the next few weeks will determine how quickly we can add boards back to the dam. Once all of the boards have been added and the water level tops the dam, the BOC will re-float the swimming platforms at the beaches.

Commissioners’ Message - May 2015

Our Annual Meeting on April 2015 went very smoothly and all warrant articles passed easily. Mark Rodier was elected to fill the vacant 3 year term as Commissioner; and Zane Merva was elected to fill the vacant 1 year term as Commissioner. Zane also did a great job as moderator. We still have some copies of the 2014 Annual Report available if anyone wants one. It is also available online.

The departing Commissioners, John Dahood and Martha Caron, wish to thank everyone for their support during a very productive year.

The first major undertaking this year will be improvements to the four beaches, Hummingbird, Emerald, Eastman Park, and the new Meetinghouse Beach (formerly owned by ELPOA). The list of capital improvements will include new fencing for the Eastman Park basketball court, construction and installation of new kiosks at each beach, building a rig to control lake water levels, grading, and security cameras at Eastman Park, as well as new signage and upgrading of equipment.

The new Board will also be developing a Roads policy to complete our rules and regulations and addressing the use of unregistered and off road vehicles on our public roads.

We urge everyone to attend the first regular monthly District meeting on May 14 at 7 pm at the Town Offices, to meet the new Board. Also please check for further developments and more messages on this website from your new Board of Commissioners.