We are looking for a few knowledgeable, ELVD, Handymen/Handywomen, to help with the following tasks. PLEASE, if you are interested, fill in the form below and/or contact one of the commissioners here.

1 - Post replacement at treatment center...changing from 4x4 p/t to 6x6 p/t holding up roof over double door entrance. (Completed - Thank you, Mark Martin.)
2 - Cut in and install an exterior door on end of treatment center building by propane tanks.
3 - Remove and replace the entrance door to the pump house with a proper exterior door that swings in and to the right.
4 - The gazebo is in need of some floor boards replaced. (Almost Completed - Thank you, Mark Martin.)
5 - The gazebo has some support beams underneath that are rotten and need replacement. (Almost Completed - Thank you, Mark Martin.)
6 - Dry hydrant at emerald beach and red fox bridge are in need of upgrades to get water in case of emergency. (UPDATE: Emerald Beach Dry Hydrant has been installed and completed. Thank You Mark Martin, Spencer Morse, Zack Plummer, Nancy Altmannsberger (for coffee & Doughnuts), and Pasquale Vessicchio.) Red Fox dry hydrant in the works.
7 - Sump pump at treatment center is in need of replacement. (Completed - Thank you, Spencer Morse.)
8 - Picnic table board replacement at Eastman park. (Partially completed - Thank you, Mark Rodier.)
9 - Park bench lower board replacement at waters edge at Eastman park. (Completed - Thank you, Mark Rodier.)
10 - Rake out and seed the meetinghouse beach area where we just cleared all the trees on Gould pond rd.

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