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Emerald Lake Village District (“ELVD”) within the Town of Hillsborough was established in 1979 for the community surrounding Emerald Lake, formerly known as Gould Pond. Originally a subdivision of seasonal homes, it has developed into primary homes for the majority of its residents. ELVD through a Board of Commissioners manages the well based water system, the beaches and recreational areas, and approximately fourteen miles of roads.

ELVD is also a community of people who enjoy the unique advantage of their own lake and beaches, as well as the proximity of Fox Forest, Pat’s Peak for skiing, and access to the shopping and dining available in Hillsborough, while located close to Concord in the southwest part of New Hampshire.

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Upcoming ELVD Meetings

Date: WEDNESDAY - JULY 1, 2015
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: EASTMAN PARK - Intersection of Turtle Bridge Crossing and Moccasin Lane Emerald Lake Village District.
Agenda:Preparations for monthly meeting on July 9th, Meeting with WSO, Contract for summer maintenance help.
By: The Board of Commissioners

Date: THURSDAY - July 9, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: SHINE: Eastman Park (ELVD). RAIN: Town Offices, 27 School Street, Hillsborough, NH 03244
Agenda: Park Improvements, Wellhead fencing, Water rate increase, State car-top access ramp, Emerald Lake inlet dredge.
By: The Board of Commissioners


The long awaited inlet sandbar dredge is happening! The Board of Commissioners will be removing all of the boards from the Gould Pond Dam on August 1st to let the lake drain as low as possible. The water level will drop approximately 3-feet. This draw-down is to comply with NH DES & US Army Core of Engineers issued permits.

On or about August 15th dredge operations will begin and last into September. Significant site work will occur on the District owned land to the south of the inlet bridge.

All ELVD beach swimming platforms will be removed from the water during the temporary draw-down. The BOC advises boat and dock owners to take appropriate precautions. If there is time, the Lake will be brought back up to summer levels after the project is complete.

The Board of Commissioners have retrieved two abandoned/loose watercraft. If you are the owner of one of these watercraft and would like to reclaim it, please contact the BOC with proof of ownership.

Unattended watering of plants/lawns, underground watering systems, and filling of pools using treated tap water is prohibited. The use of lake water by lake front residents is encouraged.

From: The Board of Commissioners

All swimming platforms are in the water. Please do not move any raft's location or pull up a raft anchor. The lower lake level necessitates the rafts be placed farther from shore this year to provide approximately 10-15 feet of water depth around the platform.

2015 ELVD Water Quality Report - CCR

2015 ELVD Water Quality Report - Consumer Confidence Report

Leak Reporting/Water Issues
All leaks should be reported first to ELVD Commissioner, Mark Rodier, at 603-703-2210 or 603-464-2890 or Send e-Mail to Mark.

Water Shut-off and Turn-on
To request your water service be shut-off or turned on, please contact Water System Operators at 603-428-3525. 48 hours notice required. Homeowner must be present when water is turned on. $50/fee per shut-off and/or turn on to be invoiced by Emerald Lake Village District. Turn-on and shut-off service is not available on weekends, holidays, or same day, except in an emergency. Self-service is considered tampering and punishable by fine.

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