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Located in historic Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA

Welcome to the Emerald Lake Village District! We have tried to include almost any information you might need on this website and navigation is easy. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, check with our Office listed below.

Emerald Lake Village District (“ELVD”) within the Town of Hillsborough was established in 1979 for the community surrounding Emerald Lake, formerly known as Gould Pond. Originally a subdivision of seasonal homes, it has developed into primary homes for the majority of its residents. ELVD through a Board of Commissioners manages the well based water system, the beaches and recreational areas, and approximately fourteen miles of roads.

ELVD is also a community of people who enjoy the unique advantage of their own lake and beaches, as well as the proximity of Fox Forest, Pat’s Peak for skiing, and access to the shopping and dining available in Hillsborough, while located close to Concord in the southwest part of New Hampshire.

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Next ELVD Meeting

Date: TUESDAY, February 24, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: District Office - 5 Main Street, Hillsborough, NH 03244
Agenda: Financial Report, Budget, and other miscellaneous matters.
By: The Board of Commissioners - February 20, 2015
Note: Persons wishing to attend who cannot walk down a flight of stairs, please notify district personnel at 604-464-3128

Date: MONDAY - March 16, 2015
(Please note that this is a MONDAY Night Meeting.)
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Town Offices - School Street, Hillsborough, NH 03244
Agenda: Financial Report, Budget, Annual Meeting Preparations and other miscellaneous matters.
By: The Board of Commissioners - February 20, 2015
NOTE: The Town of Hillsborough is no longer able to accommodate our prior schedule of Thursday meetings and therefore this date is selected on basis of availability.


Master Plan Survey ONLINE

The Town of Hillsborough is revising the Master Plan which includes Emerald Lake Village District. Part of the process is getting people to fill out a survey on what improvements they would like to see. This survey can be filled out by seasonal residents as well as by fulltime residents. In fact, it will be used to assess the proportioof seasonal people in the area.

The survey is very well done and easy to fill out online. It is lengthy but you don’t have to answer every question. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE DISTRICT MEMBERS, PROPERTY OWNERS AND RESIDENTS TO FILL THIS OUT. It will give the Emerald Lake Village District a strong voice in the future of Hillsborough.

Follow this link to check off your answers online: http://hillsborough-nh.com

Annual Meeting Date

The ELVD Annual Meeting Date is Saturday - April 25, 2015. More info to follow.

ELVD Postions Needed To Be Filled

The ELVD need both District Clerk and Moderator positions filled as soon as possible. Please contact us here at info@elvdnh.com

2014 Winter Water Shut-Offs

Call Water System Operators (WSO) at 603-428-3525 to schedule. Homeowners ARE RESPONSIBLE for FROZEN PIPE DAMAGES.

Leak Reporting/Water Issues

All leaks should be reported first to the District by calling/emailing/texting our Administrator, Scott Osgood, at 603-848-8218 or Send e-Mail to Scott.

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